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Visitors' Comments on Hotels in Bulgaria

The comments and reviews section was specially created for visitors to our website who are trying to make the best hotel choice for their stay in Bulgaria. In this section you can read over seven hundred real comments about the hotels on offer and eventually submit your own comment.

You will fall upon positive and negative comments which will help you confirm your hotel choice or make you change it. The comments are a valuable source of curious facts about the hotel rooms and service, which you can never find in the hotel brochures. The main thing you will learn from a comment is whether the hotelís standard is really as high as it is described in the brochures. In the comments you can read whether the rooms are cozy and quiet and whether they really look like the pictures in the brochures. Tourists often comment on the roomís furniture so that other visitors may be warned if the ceiling in the bathroom leaks or the blinds of the windows are broken.

If you wonder what is the best choice on the hotelís restaurant menu, read the comments carefully and you will find the answer! Some comments even give information about the best restaurants outside the hotel if the hotelís food is not good enough. The comments are an indispensable source of information about the hotelís sport and recreation facilities you shouldnít miss Ė if the masagist in the hotelís medical centre has magical hands you will learn about him from a comment by a delightful guest! The comments on the hotelís staff will prepare you whether to expect a warm welcome and assistance or cold and unhelpful attitude.

Besides the comment itself you will see the visitorís overall rating of the hotelís rooms, food, entertainment and service. Last but not least, the comments provide useful information about Bulgaria and the nature of the Bulgarian people as a whole.

Contradictory comments and reviews

Very often you will read contradictory comments about a hotel which is unfortunately unavoidable as visitors always have different expectations and tastes. The reviews for one and the same hotel (the Royal Park Hotel is probably the most typical example) may vary greatly - from "superb hotel, an excellent value for money" to "overpriced and below standart". Nevertheless, we think that the more comments you read, the closer to the truth you will arrive!

Been to a hotel? - write your own comment!

If you would like to express your opinion about a hotel in Bulgaria, feel free to write a review of whatever impressed you during your stay. Your comment will be highly appreciated both by the other visitors on this site and by our team. For us the guestsí reviews and comments are the best way to find out the weak points in the hotel service and to direct our efforts into eliminating the problems.

Visitors on our site have submitted the greatest number of comments and reviews on the following hotels: the Laguna Garden Hotel in Albena, the Rila Hotel and the Samokov Hotel in Borovets, the Royal Park Hotel in Elenite, the Helios Spa Hotel and the Kempinski Grand Hotel Hermitage in Golden Sands, the Prespa Hotel and the Snejanka Hotel in Pamporovo, the Continental Park Hotel and the Fiesta Beach Hotel in Sunny Beach.
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